In Washington? Three colleges to profile and resources to discover more in this beautiful state.

In honor of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) conference currently being held in Seattle, here’s a look at college tours and tips for colleges in Washington. Also, just for fun and a little back story, the NACAC conference is an awesome national conference where professionals in the world of admissions representing universities, colleges, high schools, nonprofit organizations, and professional organizations all come together to discuss the world of higher education, share best practices, and connect – aka how we all stay sane and in the know of the changing world of college admissions!

Like any state, you’ll find a mix of public and private universities with varying programs, campus feels, and specialties in Washington, which is a really great reminder that there are a TON of different types of colleges that can be unique and a strong fit for different types of students. Think about your dream college. What size are the classrooms? What support programs are offered? What advising and counseling support is offered to help you in your major and ultimately career choice?

There are a million ways to assess fit and begin researching colleges based on your preferences, and if you need to help getting started, check out this post. So in the great state of Washington, we’ll highlight three that we’ve toured. And don’t forget, there are plenty more public and private universities, use a search tool like THIS ONE on College Board’s BigFuture site, enter Washington as the location (or the Pacific Northwest to widen your range) and a couple other things important to you, and you’re well on your way to checking out what’s available. Got your name tag? Ready for the tour? Here we go.

University of Puget Sound

Located in Tacoma, Washington, the University of Puget sound has a total of 1,896 undergraduate students with an average faculty size of 9 to 1. Most of your classes will have on average under 20 students and the academic support you’ll receive is pretty stellar. Access to lab facilities, an awesome library with designated faculty providing expertise in different areas of study, so if you have that research paper, you’ll be able to get some expert advice.

Puget Sound is a liberal arts institution with strength in art, music, creative studies, but also biological sciences, psychology and business. It is also a part of the Colleges that Change Lives list, a group of colleges with similar characteristics and qualities that leave students feeling like their lives were literally changed for the better because of their college experience.

Experiential learning is a huge component and students have access to research, internships, experiences such as study abroad, all that help shape a student’s experience (and resume!). One hundred percent of the classes are taught by faculty (no teaching assistants here!). Students have access to Tacoma’s art scene with festivals, local artists, and culture. You’re about a 50 minute drive to downtown Seattle. Students are passionate about what they do, game changers, involved, and academically focused (but not SO stressed).

Students who want a smaller environment with access to a larger city and are intellectually curious would thrive at University of Puget Sound. Check more and access virtual events and connect with admissions here.

University of Puget Sound

Seattle University

Seattle University is home to just over 4,200 undergraduate students, located in the heart of Seattle. and considered a wildlife preserve with hidden gardens throughout the campus, providing some greenery amongst the surrounding buildings. Strong programs include nursing, business, liberal arts and sciences, and programs in the humanities. As a Jesuit university, Seattle University has a core curriculum that focuses on social justice and educating the whole person. So, not only are you going to complete academic coursework, but you’ll take courses in things like ethics, service learning, philosophy, etc. in addition to core general education classes such as your traditional math and English.

Seattle University has the benefit of being located in Seattle, with access to hospitals, local museums, art, and more. Students enjoy discounted tickets and amenities throughout the city and is great for the student who wants to enjoy and take advantage of the amenities of a city, but want a smaller environment. Student life is robust with clubs and organizations providing multiple opportunities for students to connect and create a strong sense of community. Students at Seattle U don’t just go to class to learn, they are challenged to make an impact in a bigger way, life-learners.

For virtual tours and admission information, click here.

Seattle University

University of Washington

University of Washington is home to over 30,000 students with over 500 student organizations and a ton of student life including Greek life, school spirit, and more. There’s big sports and pride throughout the campus and enough options for a student to find a smaller home in the bigger crowd. Although you will sit in some lecture hall with upwards of hundreds of students, you will be able to have classes with 20 – 30 students on average as you take upper division coursework and/or participate in lab classes as you go. Strong programs include the biological sciences, computer science, engineering, business, and the social sciences. There is also an honors program, for highly motivated and academically competitive students who have access to a smaller, more rigorous, but enriching environment.

Students interested in pre-professional and pre-health pathways have access to advising which provides smaller support in choosing coursework, career pathways, and ultimately preparing to apply for med school, etc.

Being in Seattle students have access to a ton of activities and local things to do, everything from sports, to heading down to Pike’s Market and finding local eats. There are support services and resources for students, but because it is a larger university, students just need to remember to access them!

Visit more information and access virtual tours here.

University of Washington

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